2017 - Germany - Winners Team England
Dance World Cup 2017 - Offenburg, Germany  24 June - 1 July 2017

Team England won the Dance World Cup for the fifth year in succession.

Team Scotland came 4th in the Mini and Children Country Award.

Team England won the Mini and Children Country Award.

Team England won the Junior and Senior Country Award.
Participating Dance Schools:

Team England
Allgood School of Dancing, Basingstoke Academy of Dancing, Bella Danza Studios, Chater Academy, Cheshunt Dancing School, Dance Design Theatre Arts, Ealand Academy, Flixton Academy of Performing Arts, Footworks School of Dance, Fryday’s Academy of Irish Dance, Gabriella White Academy of Dance, Graham School of Dance & Theatre Arts, Hasland Dance Studios, Inspirations Dance & Performance Academy, Jayne A Coleman Academy of Dance, Jean Marks, Jelli Studios, Jordon School of Dance & Performing Arts, Karen Blackburn Dance Academy, Kilburn School of Dance, Marie Clarke School of Dance, Nicola Miles Theatre Studios, Prompt Corner Academy of Dance, Sandford School of Dance, Shelagh Elliott Clarke, Shining Stars Dance Academy, Sparkles School of Dance, Spotlight Stage School, Street Vibes Dance School, Swindon Academy of Dance, The Brocklesbury Academy of Dance, The Cheshire Theatre School, The Danceworks Eccles, The Grace Academy, The Kelly Shirley School of Dance, The Vale School of Dance, Timestep Academy of Dance & Performing Arts, Totnes School of Dance, Val Armstrong School of Performing Arts, Weymouth Dance Studio, Wootton Bassett School of Dance.

Team Scotland
Central Scotland Ballet School, Danceable Academy of Performing Arts, McKechnie, Phelan School of Dance.

Team Northern Ireland
Encore Performing Arts Academy, Jennifer Marshall School of Dance, Respira Dance Company.

Team Wales
Elite School of Dance, Elsberdance, Fantasy Feet Dance Academy, LJC Academy Dance & Drama, Nicola Peros School, Performing Arts Academy Wales, Planet Gymnastics & Dance, Prestige Performing Arts, Sarah Burnell School of Dance.
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