Jersey 2016
2016 Finals were held at Fort Regent, St Helier, Jersey 25 June - 2 July 2016.

Team England won the Dance World Cup for the fourth year in succession.

Team England won the Mini/Children Country Award and the Junior/Senior Country Award - they have won these awards since they were introduced in 2015.

Country Award Point table 2016

1st Team England - 544 points
2nd Team Portugal - 197 points
3rd Team Germany - 152 points
4th Team South Africa - 108 points
5th Team Scotland - 73 points
Medal Count:

Team England

69 Gold Medals
67 Silver Medals
56 Bronze Medals

Team Scotland

3 Gold Medals
3 Silver Medals
10 Bronze Medals
Team Wales

1 Gold Medal
2 Silver Medals
2 Bronze Medals

Team Northern Ireland

1 Gold Medal
3 Silver Medals
1 Bronze Medal
Special Awards in the Gala  went to Chloe Greenwood from the Nazene Danielle Dance Dynamix School in Liverpool - Chloe won the Most Outstanding Female Performer. Team England

Chloe Greenwood was chosen as the face of the DWC UK Advert for 2016/2017.

Chloe Fenton from the Nazene Danielle Dance Dynamix won the Bloch Star Award and became  a Bloch Artist and Ambassador. Team England.

Ava Judge from the McKechnie School won the Best Song and Dance Award. Team Scotland.

Nazene Danielle Dance Dynamix won the Best Quartet Award for “Bill’s”. Team England.

Spotlight Stage School won the Best Acro, Modern or Hip Hop Group Award with “Circus”. Team England.

Harlequin won the Best Song and Dance or Tap Group Award. Team England.

William Lewis from Dupont won the Dollie Henry special Award - Team England.

Harlequin won the Most Innovative Choreography Award. Team England.

Dupont won the Best Junior/Senior Ballet, National or Greek Solo. Team England.

Spotlight Stage School won the Best Modern or Acro Group Junior and Senior Award.  Team England
Team England 2016
A2 Arts Performing Arts Academy, Bella Danza Studios, Centrepointe, Cheshunt Dancing School, Dupont Dance Stage School, Ealand Academy, Footworks School of Dance, Fryday’s Academy of Irish Dance, Freedome Dance & Performance, Graham School of Dance & Theatre Arts, Harlequin Stage School, Hazelbiz Performers Academy, Ison Aslanoff School, Jago Dance Studio, JBS Dance, Jean Marks, Jelli Studios, Jordon School of Dance & Performing Arts, Karen Blackburn Dance Academy, Kilburn School of Dance, Marie Clarke School of Dance, Timestep, Brighton College Dance, Nazene Danielle’s Dance Dynamix, North Hampshire Academy of Dance, Prompt Corner Academy of Dance, Sandford School of Dance, Spotlight Stage School, Summerscales Performing Arts, Swindon Academy of Dance, The Cheshire Theatre School, The Danceworks Eccles, The M&M Academy of Arts, The Vale School of Dance, Victoria School of Dancing, Wootton Bassett School of Dance, Yasmin Taylor Academy, Totnes School of Dance, Zoe Pennington Dance Studios.

Team Wales 2016
Elsberdance, Megan’s Academy of Dance, Moya Vahey School, Performing Arts Academy Wales, Sarah Burnell School of Dance, Starlight Youth Dance Company.

Team Northern Ireland 2016
Connfidance Studios
Morgan Theatre Arts

Team Scotland 2016
Central Scotland Ballet School
Edinburgh Dance Academy
The G12 Studio
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