SOLOS -    £10
DUETS -    £16 - £8 per dancer
TRIOS -     £24 - £8 per dancer
GROUPS - £30.00 per group  - for 4 or more dancers

DWC membership - 8 euros per dancer (£7.20 per dancer) - all dancers must be members of DWC at the Qualifiers.  This is a rule set by Dance World Cup.

Payment details for UK Teams Qualifiers:
Bank: Barclays Bank
Account no: 73761541
Sort Code: 20-12-80
Account Name: DWC UK Ltd

Please complete the Excel Entry Form and email a copy to: jo.arnett@dwc-uk.com and also print off a copy and send with your USB. 

Please note that the deadlines for the four UK Teams are as follows:

Teams Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland - Deadline  November 1 2018.

Team England - deadline  November 6 2018.
Entry & Membership form here Right click and Save.

FILMING OF DANCES - IMPORTANT INFORMATION:  Please DO NOT supply videos in HD. Please ensure that the video is ONLY supplied in mp4 or mpeg format. Any other format will not be accepted  We always recommend you film the dances in a large space - this doesn't have to be a theatre it can be dance studio or hall with the presentation as shown in the video.  We also recommend that dancers are in costume and wear stage make up.  Please download your dances onto a memory stick - we will return to you.
Please note: It is against the copyright to download any images